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About Flexoresearch Group


Founded in 2008, starting as a technology entrepreneur incubatee of Thailand Science Park's technology business incubation program, with a vision to become a leading innovative, research and development company, serving pulp, paper, printing and packaging industries.



By utilizing over 15 years of experience in paper and packaging manufacturing, combined with a creative business concept and innovative knowledge-based management culture, we are always striving to work closely with our clients to achieve their commercially possible research targets. Last, but not least, we are very proud to announce that every service and product of Flexoresearch Group, carries the environmental-improving value for all interested parties.



Commercial applications of our innovations


Pulp and paper

-         Research, development and technology transfer projects for pulp and paper mills

-         Laminated paper recovery enzyme

-         Bio refining enzyme

-         Deinking enzyme

-         Fibre strengthen enzyme

-         Fibre repulping enzyme

-         Size press starch viscosity control enzyme

-         Recovery and substitute pulp

-         Specialty pul